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Community makes us stronger. 

Creativity is joy.
Diversity builds a better world.

Simplicity makes it happen.
Music strengthens our ties.

Weil Center Jazz Gig

Jazz Connection

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New Sheboogie Opportunities are Approaching Quickly!

  • Sheboogie brings jazz education to Sheboygan!

Featured Artists

Click below to learn about musicians in the Sheboygan jazz scene. These cats bring jazz justice to the Malibu of the Midwest!

Featured Venues

Click below to learn about the music venues in Sheboygan. These venues are incubators of groundbreaking jazz ideas and joy!


Featured Students

Click below to learn about students in the Sheboygan area who are the next generation in jazz music. These musicians love to share the gift of music!

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Jam Archive

Click the link below to see videos and information about the great Sheboogie jams which have happened in Sheboygan recently!

These proud jazz lovers show their Sheboogie pride wherever they go! Send a picture of you in your T-shirt to be featured here!

Show Your Sheboogie!

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