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Jon Doll


Jon Doll brings deep talent and creativity to all of his musical endeavors. He has composed and played acoustic music around the world. Music has been important to him for as long as he can remember. His earliest memories involve listening to music. His mother was a pianist, a singer, and a writer; his father loved swing jazz. 


Jon’s first gigs were in Sheboygan, as a singer and drummer in the Primates, a group he created in ninth grade. He attended college in Seattle and then continued to compose and perform music as he worked and traveled through Europe and the United States. His original compositions often make an important social or political observation. 


Jon is connected to many types of music in the Sheboygan area. His friends play their own music, including blues, rock, and folk. Jon enjoys playing music with his friends, but his gigs are mainly solo performances. He recently played fundraisers for Above and Beyond and for Meals on Wheels. One of the last songs he played was a blues piece he wrote based on Banksy’s movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop.


Jon’s favorite genre of music is folk rock, but he listens to all types of music, including jazz. He especially likes swing jazz and the vocal aspects of jazz. A favorite musician is Richard Thomas, the acclaimed English folk rock composer, guitarist and vocalist. Jon also appreciates the talents of Bob Dylan, the American singer and songwriter who creates meaningful lyrics that sound like a poem.

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