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Why Sheboogie?

Sunset view of the lake in Sheboygan, WI

Jazz is an interactive, community-building musical experience in which musicians create unique, spontaneous, and life-changing jams. The mission of Sheboogie is to bring together a diverse group of musicians and promote the live jazz scene in Sheboygan.


Group performances are free (tips are encouraged!) and are intended to support jazz musicians and small local businesses. 

Musicians can be hired for other types of events, and this information is included under Featured Artists.


I am grateful to Mr. Tryg Jacobson, Ms. Ashley Magray, Mr. Jay Johnson, and the Sheboygan North Innovator Fellowship program, who funded and supervised the start of my project.


Thank you so much for visiting this site and for supporting the Sheboygan community! As the founder of, my share of the tips from performances is used to promote the project through the purchase of additional t-shirts and equipment. 


I would like to sustain this project by achieving non-profit status. This will involve establishing a board of directors who also love jazz. Let me know if you would like to be involved in the next step!

Drake Wappler, jazz saxophonist

"I think that it's the best and only free jazz program in the city, the jam is very friendly and there's no pressure, and you get to meet great musicians along the way."
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