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Clay Schaub


Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Clay Schaub first experienced the joy of jazz when his bass teacher, David Parlato, introduced him to jazz records that blew his mind. The unbelievable beauty of the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis was a powerful launching point for Clay’s career in jazz music.


Clay worked as a jazz bassist in New York for five years. He has worked with Eric Gunnison, Gregory Tardy, Greg Ruggiero, Michael Kanan, Bob Mover, and countless others. He received a Downbeat Award for Outstanding Big Band Arrangement. He recently wrote an instructional book for bassists, available on amazon as a paperback or kindle book, called “Build Walking Bass Lines in 14 Days: Jazz and Blues Lines for Upright and Electric Bass.” I personally have a copy and have enjoyed using it to improve my skills on the string bass.


Now living in the Milwaukee area, Clay brings his energy and talent to performances throughout the Midwest, including Sheboygan. He is a faculty member of the Milwaukee Jazz Institute and a private music teacher. He has also worked as a guest clinician for the University of Wisconsin, the University of New Mexico, and others. Since 2012, he has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, which he has personally found to reduce tension when he plays the bass. 


When asked about the most recent jazz music he enjoyed, Clay says that he has been listening to the legendary pianist Hank Jones play Little Girl Blue, a classic in jazz literature. 


Clay is an accomplished jazz musician who is devoted to his music and to his family. However, he also visits Sheboygan for another reason. When conditions are right, Clay can be found surfing the frigid waves off the coast of Sheboygan.


Clay asks for $50 per hour per musician for live music.

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