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Sheboogie Education

Welcome to the Sheboogie Education Program. Sheboogie is hosting various educational events in Sheboygan for people of all ages and backgrounds!

Sheboogie at Kidstop

The first elementary jazz program was held at Wilson Elementary on Feb. 21 & 28 as well as Mar. 6!

More KidStop locations are being scheduled. 

  • Free high-energy jazz programming for elementary-aged kids

  • At various Kidstop locations

  • On Wednesdays after school

Example of a 30-minute lesson:

  • Introduce ourselves game

  • How does this song make you feel? (during a live performance of a piece by the featured jazz musician)

  • Share your favorite part!

  • Let’s create our own rhythm, music, or dance

  • Learn about the musician (picture book)

  • Close with the handclapping game

Coming to Jackson Elementary on May 1!

Sheboogie gives credit for jazz education ideas to:

Sheboogie Middle School Education Program

  • Sheboogie brought the excitement of jazz to Horace Mann Middle School on April 4th!

  • High school musicians demonstrated improvisation and musicianship

  • Middle school musicians asked good questions and were encouraged to enroll in high school jazz!

Sheboogie and Milwaukee Jazz Institute Workshop

  • April 21, 12:00--2:00 PM at Paradigm Coffee and Music

  • For middle school students to adults

  • All skill levels are welcome

  • Bring an instrument and your love for jazz!

  • We will jam together while learning basic theory and improvisation skills

  • Then we will chill and enjoy a jam by the professionals

  • Followed by a light meal and social time

More details coming soon!

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