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Adam Desombre


Adam Desombre is an innovative and thoughtful bassist and drummer who plays a diverse selection of music, including jazz. Adam’s father, a great drummer, encouraged Adam to learn percussion. Adam picked up the drum sticks in sixth grade and began to build dynamic rhythms. 


Adam played jazz percussion in high school and continued to perform with a jazz ensemble in college. More recently, he played drums with his rock band, Hot Jupiter. When asked which size group he prefers, Adam says that he loves to jam with trio-sized groups, like Hot Jupiter.  


Adam has always loved the sound of walking bass, and he used his considerable intellect and musical ability to learn the double bass as an adult. He joined the UW Green Bay-Sheboygan/Lakeland University Chamber Orchestra as a bassist. He also played bass with many other talented musicians in the band called This Big Life. 


Adam currently enjoys playing jazz bass both as a soloist and with his accomplished and popular quartet, Tonic Roots. The three other musicians in Tonic Roots play keyboard, guitar and percussion. Their repertoire includes blues, rock, jazz, and original compositions. Adam notes that “at least half” of the Tonic Roots’ playlist is jazz. 


Although his musical talents run deep, Adam is also a chemist and a co-owner of Green Bicycle Company with his wife, Heather.


When playing music professionally, Adam likes to be part of a group that is paid about $100 per musician. He also likes to jam for fun with friends.

Adam Desombre
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