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Wade Heinen


Wade Heinen is the talented and deeply respected Sheboygan South High School Band Director.  His love for jazz developed when he was a teenager and he cycled into downtown Waukesha to play piano and trumpet at a summer jazz program.


He channeled his love for many types of music into a Bachelors of Music Education at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He minored in psychology education and he also earned a masters in Counselor Education and a Wisconsin Principal Licensure certificate. 


This broad education helps explain why Wade is able to inspire many young high school musicians to show up early in the morning, to develop their love of jazz, and to excel at playing their music. Wade repeatedly leads the South High Jazz Ensemble 1 and II to state recognition. For example, the advanced musicians in Jazz Ensemble 1 were awarded the WSMA Exemplary Performance Award in the spring of 2022. 


Remarkably, the South High Jazz Ensemble members are awake and ready to rehearse at 06:50 AM daily, alternating between Ensemble I and II. However, rehearsal is where the music begins and the larger community is where it grows. Wade encourages his students to share their talents with the Sheboygan community by performing at many local venues. These include nonprofit fundraisers and a recent holiday concert at 3 Sheeps Brewing Company. 


Wade says that his favorite jazz musician is currently Charles Mingus, the legendary jazz bassist, pianist, composer, and bandleader. Wade enjoys listening to Mingus because he was exceptionally innovative, played with other talented musicians, and incorporated social justice into his music. Wade says that every time he listens to Mingus, he discovers new creative concepts. His favorite style of jazz performance is big band, because of the complex arrangements and broad, full sound. 


Due to his many commitments, Wade is not providing private music lessons at this time, other than lessons for band students at Sheboygan South.

As a trumpet player, Wade could be available for special engagements depending upon timing of events.  For weddings he prefers to be paid between $150-200.  Depending upon the time of the school year, Sheboygan South's Jazz Ensembles are also available for community requested performances.

Phone number: (920)-459-3637

Extension 4141

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